Light Fight

Partner Spotlight- Nicholls Construction, Inc.

Shoutout to Nicholls Construction for being one of our amazing partners making this event possible! We are so excited to be able to allow all Warren County residents, near and far, to participate in this wonderful competition. Keep reading to get to know Nicholls Construction.

A home builder with 48 years of experience, Allen Nicholls has spent those years specializing in Custom Building Systems modular homes. Located in Front Royal, Virginia, Nicholls Construction currently builds in the Virginia counties of Warren, Frederick, Clarke, Fauquier, Rappahannock, Page, Shenandoah and some West Virginia counties.

They offer a variety of contractual arrangements depending upon your level of participation in the construction process. And while they mainly work in the areas listed above, they may be able to expand their operating area according to your needs.

Please contact their office at your convenience at 540-636-6142 to see if they can assist you with your building needs!

🡪Nicholls Construction’s newest site! 🡨

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