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” Lori is the best! Her attention to detail and knowledge of the market helped us to price our house perfectly and we received multiple offers the same day. Lori is available every step of the way and so responsive to any questions. She takes the time to explain the process and documents to make the selling process smooth and easy. Her sweet, caring personality makes the experience a great one. We would highly recommend Lori as we knew she always had our best interest at heart. I cannot think of any way our experience with Lori could have been any better. We appreciate her expertise, professionalism, and helping to take out the stress during what is typically very stressful. Lori is such a blessing and a great realtor. She goes above and beyond to sell the house and keep the lines of communication open. Lori is a one stop shop! She handled everything perfectly and in a timely manner. Lori is very knowledgeable, professional, patient, and caring to ensure you have the best experience possible. Thank you Lori!! “

– Pam Ladue

” Lori was a great source of knowledge and encouragement. I probably would have underpriced my house if left to figure out what to sell it for on my own. She was also very good at helping with negotiations. “

– Michael Richards

” Over the years I have bought and sold several homes and know from experience how important it is to work with the right agent. For the recent sale of my home in Linden, Lori Oaks was most definitely the right agent. She is a problem solver with tremendous perseverance, grappling with every issue and devising resourceful solutions that are appropriate for both the buyer and the seller. She also has a commitment to timely and effective communication, ensuring that I was kept informed through every step of the process. Lori helped me prepare the house for sale, worked with me on all key decisions and brought exceptional energy and enthusiasm at every phase. She helped me find contactors to address issues, did an excellent job in staging the house, and worked closely with prospective purchasers to address all questions they had about the house, giving them additional information in a timely and comprehensive fashion. I would recommend Lori Oaks as a real estate agent. She is a delight to work with and, I can say with complete certainty, will exceed your expectations. “

– John Dean

” Had a great experience having Lori help us get our house sold in such a quick time frame. Less than 1 week we had offers. She really took the time to help us get house ready and staged properly for a successful sell. Very kind and hardworking. Spent many evenings and weekends communicating with us, even when she was suppose to be on vacation elsewhere, we never lost contact. We highly recommend her, it was an absolute pleasure having her as our realtor. “

– Nicole Cox

” Lori did a great job selling our home. She knows that timing is everything as she helped us get our home on the market at the exact right time and it paid off nicely. We sold our home quickly and easily with Lori and she was a pleasure to work with. “

– Pam Cornell

” Lori was great in helping us find and buy our house in VA. We were moving from another state and had limited days that we could look at houses. She set up appointments for all the houses we were interested in seeing to make the most of our limited day trips to VA. She also provided recommendations for all the companies needed for closing (e.g. inspector, title co). I would definitely give Lori a call if you are looking for a realtor. “

– Michelle Britcher

” Lori is a fantastic realtor! She gives it to you straight and works hard for you! Couldn’t have asked for better! “

– Kimberly Rauschenberg

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