Announcing the third annual
Front Royal Light Fight!

The Third Annual Front Royal Light Fight is now open for all Warren County residents to join. Sign up through the below contact form for your chance to win the following prizes!

1st Place: $1000 | 2nd Place: $500 | 3rd Place: $300
Fan Favorite: $500 | Best Business: $500

    My address is:

    Thanks to Our Partners:

    Thank you to all of the Warren County residents who participated in our second annual Lori Loves Homes Front Royal Light Fight! This event blossomed from Lori Oak’s love for her Warren County community and her desire to create an annual event that all could look forward to. We are so excited to grow this event bigger with each year, so don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!

    2022 Judge Picks:

    First Place - $1,000 cash prize:

    Second Place - $500 cash prize:

    Third Place - $300 cash prize:

    Fan Favorite - $500 cash prize:

    Best Business - $500 cash prize: